How can we access to Hong Kong


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When humans encounter a new environment, new place, new city, new culture, we experience some changes of self-identity in a greater or less degree. We attempted to find identity in this strange city, balancing between our ”ego” and ”self”. There is a multi-layered barrier between us and Hong Kong, formed by a lack of understanding/insight into cultural differences and language. And at the same time we would like to get to know each other as two “cultural bodies”, humans and friends. It is not only about differences, but also about the similarities, as being Asian, and other similarities. Ultimately what we wanted to do is integrate ourselves into Hong Kong.

How can we access Hong Kong and how can we be part of Hong Kong culture and people?

About us

Kana Nishio

1994 Born in Kanagawa, Japan

M.F.A. Tokyo University of the Art

I am considering about particular things and case from the "contemporary viewpoint", such as the triangular relationship of Particular case ⇄ environment ⇄ Human. I attempt to develop new recognition through the artwork.


Boram Lee

1992 Born in Seoul, South Korea

National Taipei University of the Arts, Museum Studies (MA)

I want to be a person who communicates with diverse people through the exhibition and strives to create a better society in the future.