Journey of Developing Self-Cognification
first step : tourist / beginner

For the first step, we became tourists.

It’s easy to become a tourist in Hong Kong, melting into thousands of people who flow through the city on a daily basis. We knew that we were having only a limited time in this city, and we decided to enter it the same as other visitors do that stay for a short period of time. When we first arrived to Hong Kong, we felt overwhelmed by the city, having the feeling that we would be able to touch the surface of the city and its culture, just like tourists do.

After three weeks in Hong Kong on 19 September, we presented our first results, as parasites inhabiting the “TOURIST”. We put together an exhibition, showing videos, some objects like a selfie stick and handy fan, which are essential items for tourists in Hong Kong. We also had photos, map and leaflets to show our travel experience and our journey.

We visited some museums, we joined a guided tour and became tourist with other real tourist and recorded us and them together. We developed different perspectives on these experiences, observe ourselves as tourist and observe how we observe other tourists. We watched tourists, become tourists, recorded tourists, all at once

During the journey, we found already begin to understand more about Hong Kong. It already made some changes in our mind.   

Located in Connecting space Hong Kong 


Try to become tourist Go to tourist spot

Try to become tourist Make memory