Journey of Developing Self-Cognification
second step: amateur / advance

For the second step, we were amateur.

The next thing we got interested in was in looking at imported things from Korea and Japan to Hong Kong. You can easily see Korean or Japanese products everywhere in Hong Kong, even both languages can be seen on some the advertisements. We started to collect related information, visited museums, and interviewed a trader.

After some time, we found out that we could not focus our thoughts on the topic of import/ economy. This also reflected our journey. In order to integrate ourselves into HK, we tried to pursue much information and tried to do many things, but still we can't access to deeper side of HK. Even we feel we are advancing, there is still some barriers in front of us.

For the showcase, on 26 October, after staying 7 weeks in Hong Kong we presented what meaning amateur had to us. The amateur as the one who likes to learn more about Hong Kong for pleasure (as in this case economic situation) without getting professional (lack of understanding).

We designed a website to arrange the whole information we have collected and presented videos. Everyone can choose how to follow our JOURNEY of data collection. Through, you would find that something is lacking.