So far we had been running hard. We tried to access to HK, we internalized many information and knowledge about HK. Looking back at our identity and state, we found that we already can accept cultural differences; however identity is still not so much changed. It was also connected to the barrier in front of us that we felt in the second step. Despite the accumulation of time and experience, there were still unchanging self, there were somethings that still felt unfamiliar.

Further we realized that we want to give up integrating ourselves into HK at some point. We found that where we wanted to reach is over there; however we want to avoid the road ahead. We found that it was the result caused by time limit. The fact “we need to leave HK soon” restricted our mind, and our feeling was little bit impatient.

Then, what is our way to achieve the goal of journey under these states? What does our journey mean to us? What do we want to share with the audience? We wanted to present our conclusion of these questions through the final presentation.

-Ecologies, Matters of Coexistence-

29 young artists and designers from Europa and (South-)East Asia will present their explorations and experiments on the far-reaching topic of “Ecologies – Matters of Coexistence” at Connecting Space in North Point on the 24th November and in the lush surroundings of the Academy of Visual Arts’ Kai Tak Campus on the 25th.

The works presented are the result of this years’ international graduate semester program “Transcultural Collaboration”, a cooperation of art universities from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan and Europe that brings together an extensive range of disciplines and invites them to collectively think about transcultural topics. Its main working method is cross-disciplinary collaboration, including all art and design disciplines from music, to visual arts, to dance, to interaction design and everything in between. The program is mainly taking place in Hong Kong and includes stays in Zurich and Singapore.