[17.09.18] Concept


-individual experience 


·Ecological factors are connected with economical and social factors, even including mental ecology. 

·Globalization means also leveling of subjectivity. ·The crisis of mental and intellectual subjectivity. 

How can we access to HK 

local people recognize that we are same race. they actually speak cantonese(local language) for us, we cannot understand local language. however we would like to communication to local people. 


-in the begging we are tourist from different country (we had tourist of identity?) 

-we attempt to integrate HK (-how to integrate : media, expression, describe, style, method, material) as well as attempt to transformation ourself identity.

There is a multi-layered barrier between us and Hong Kong, formed by a lack of understanding/insight into cultural differences and language. And at the same time we would like to get to know each other astwo “cultural bodies, humans and friends. It is not only about differences, but also about the similarities, as being Asian, and other similarities


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