[17.09.20] Journey of developing self-cognification

"Journey of developing self-cognification 
First step : tourist / beginner"

This project is 'to integrate with Hongkong'

When the human encounter new environment-new place, new city, new culture, it experience changes of self-identity in a greater or less degree. We attempted to find identity in this strange city, so that make balance between our ego and self. There is a layer between us and Hong Kong, it was made by cultural differences, language, lack of understanding or problem of self-attitute.

How can we access to Hong Kong, how can we accept Hong Kong culture and people?

For the first step, we became a tourist. We have visited tourism spot, took the pictures, made memories. This first presentation is to show our journey as a tourist. During the journey, we found already began to understand more about Hong Kong. It already made some changes in our mind.

[Tourist position]

-easy to become -deal with parasite -already we knew about HK, therefore we cannot be exactly tourist -tourists = don't need adaptation, could be integrate? -foreign workers =need adaption

We choose integrate

HK people quite friendly with us Even though we didn't prepare accept it.


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