[17.09.21] Ethnic group of Hongkong

[Ethnic Groups of Hong Kong before mid-19th century]

·Punti (local people) 本地

- migrated into HK in the Northern Song dynasty

- settled on the fertile plains, farming and small businesses

·Hakka (guest people) 客家

- migrated into HK much later than the Punti

- settle in relatively remote and infertile hill areas

·Boat Dwellers (Tanka) 水上人( 蜑家)

- Sea-borne

- lived by fishing in Pearl River Delta, coastal water of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces

·Hoklo 福佬( 鶴佬)

- came from Huizhou, Haifeng and Lufeng in Guangdong province

- settled in HK as fisherfolk

우리가 Ngong ping fisherman village에서 봤던, 물 위에 살며 어업을 하는 사람들은 어떤 부류에 속하는 것일까??

Hoklo와 Tanka사이의 차이는 무엇일까?


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