[17.10.05] Boram's idea note

1. How to use room: The element that has the greatest impact on my 'self' in Hong Kong is my small tiny room. When I am in my room, I feel like my 'self' become smaller and smaller. As time to stay in Hong Kong becomes longer, so do my stuffs. I always need to think of how can I store/put those stuffs in my room. The more I can use my space efficiently, the more space I can use for myself. As Tina mentioned, Hong Kong people have their own wisdom to utilize space. I want to see their wisdom, I want to learn from local people. As the affection for space increases, more space I can use, then my 'self' will settle down in my room and this city too.

2. The first main reason that hardly adapt to this city is "difference of speed(tempo)." Car, service, walking, talk••• All too fast to me. // How can different speeds be integrated?

3. The second reason is weather. I'm very very week at heat. Here the weather makes me emasculated, act irritated, there is no room in mind. Suddenly I wonder how the mental state will change after the temperature become lower. After that, could I like the city more?

4. The gap made by 'language' : How will our relationship with Hong Kong people be changed when we can speak Cantonese? // For presentation, we can set simple situation to make Hong Kong people join in our project, and talk with them in Cantonese. For example selling and buying with simple sentence.

5. The attraction of Cantonese opera : In this fast fast city, For the Cantonese opera, actors sing all songs so slowly and repeat the same action many times.


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