[17.10.12] reflection on parasite

· For advanced step, we don't need to be parasite, we can accept Hong Kong, access to Hong Kong using our own body (maybe).

· It's because we have changed to adapt to this environment(HK)

· But the important thing is what made us change?? Is it time? experiences? outer environment?

· Actor 금성무, 金城武, Kaneshiro Takeshi

: He actives in different countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan with different name, but his main character is cool and serious guy (maybe it's because of his atmosphere), it means he still keeps his character. Also, as actor, he changes his role.

· Somehow, we're still parasite, because we accept different information with different identity. Sometimes Kana get information in Japanese, with view of Japanese, so does Boram. We can't be at one side of view.

"Language makes us paracite" (?!)


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