[17.10.12] secound step: amateur/ advance

"Journey of developing self-cognification
second step: Amateur / Advance”

-amateur: alien's view (first we was interested in some issue, after research we focus on small parts of what), for example—when we took Andy’s interview, we wanted to know about HK economic-ecology, but after that we notice he love very much HK. In the interview, the part became more important part to us.

-show our journey

-interesting /immigration, occupation, ecology, economic, politics, trade, working system……

-exchange our self-identity

-integrate with HK

-we still object of this project

-understand with HK (position is close to HK side)

-already follow the custom

-before we were more focus on comparing, for example find similarity or difference between two countries, but now more focus on finding characteristic of Hong Kong

(relation each country (JP KR TPE) to HK

second working method

filed trip

visit museum

literature review (collect datas)

communication with local people (Immigrant, trader, elder….)


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