[17.10.18] Chain of questions

· Why did we start this project?

→ Through journey of developing self-cognification, we wanted to integrate with HK

· What is the main goal you want to reach at the end of this project?

→ Integrate with HK, and more importantly, broaden "self", find space to let identity settle down

· What do you think about present position of you in HK?

→ not tourist, but not native neither. I'm Korean, Kana is Japanese, and we are staying here for 2 months. Already understanded many things, learnt many things.

· Why did you need to be tourist last time? and why not this time?

· Who am I now? or who do you want to be?

· What made us to change?? Is it time? experiences? outer environment? people (like John?)

· If we are trysumer, how can interpret our experiences with view of trysumer?


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